Bosch’s SN350-20F Full Head Framing Nailer

Its a well known fact that there are a ton of excellent guns to look over in the realm of pneumatic power tools. It is additionally notable that Bosch is an extremely cool producer that builds tools with a solid and unflinching standard of predominance. At the point when these two worlds combine, those of Bosch coolness and pneumatic quality, we run straight into Bosch’s SN350-20F Full Head Framing Nailer, a standout amongst the most amazing increases to the power tool industry in quite a while.

Bosch's SN350-20F Full Head Framing Nailer

Bosch’s SN350-20F Full Head Framing Nailer

Building probably the most encouraging new pneumatic machines, Bosch absolutely hasn’t been closefisted with advancement. Truth be told, their new SN350-20F full head framing nailer is a standout amongst the most convincing tools by and by available.


Worked with an excess of Bosch’s standard significance, the SN350-20F is a nailer intended to essentially nail all others to the divider. Being smooth, keen, and gloating a top notch sturdiness, the tool is worked to convey both the smoothest shots and the best general outcomes. Furthermore, regardless of weighing just 8.4 lbs, the gun parades Bosch’s Full Force innovation, a splendid little expansion intended to guarantee the nailer conveys every one of the 100% of its vitality specifically into every latch; this implies your final product is a vastly more secure clasp and a gun that is at the same time a more minimized and all the more powerful tool.

Contact Component: Keeps Every Part at Place

The gun additionally consolidates a toothed work contact component to keep a tight hold on your workpieces as you nail the day away, and with a metal strike plate intended to keep the nailer’s outside shielded from the rigors and ricochets of pneumatic life, the tool is strong and effective. Moreover, an in-line, self-cleaning air channel comparatively secures the tool’s inside valve and o-ring from residue and garbage, maybe the most pesty of bugs, to through and through guarantee the tool has a long and solid life expectancy.

Product Specifications

The gun shoots 2″ – 3-1/2″ nails at 60 – 120 psi and on the grounds that the’s tool-less selectable trigger enables administrators to effectively move between knock discharge and successive shooting techniques, it additionally offers the most total and helpful framing knowledge. A solitary activity devotee bolt back moreover renders the nail stacking and emptying process essentially as simple as pie, and with a fast discharge magazine, you can undoubtedly evacuate jams without the problem of dismantling the tool. A tool-less customizable profundity of drive framework is additionally joined to guarantee any alterations and calibrating methods are both quick and simple too.

Final Words

At last, with proficient power, exact polished skill, and the appeal and shimmer of a Bosch power tool, the SN350-20F is one nailer that is hard to beat. The tool also incorporates wellbeing glasses and a no blemish tip for your nailing comfort. If you really want to add value to your money than make this excellent product your prior choice without any hesitation.

We highly recommend this product!

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